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              • We Pass SGS Audited Supplier

                We Pass SGS Audited Supplier Congratulation for successful completion of Audited
                Supplier by SGS! This auditing mainly assess our factory ISO management system
                and its operation, quality managemen...

              • Opportunity challenge brought by “Belt and Road”

                President Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony of the “Belt and Road” International Cooperation Summit Forum on the 14th, and delivered a keynote speech titled “Jointly Promote the Construction of...

              • Smart glass curtain wall technology

                Traditional glass curtain wall technology, the use of a large number of serious light pollution, a large number of energy consumption, the line of sight interference, indoor health quality. To solve these problems, a new type of glass curtain wall wi

              • xinjing ceiling walls of the advantages of product

                "SunKing (Yang Pa)," "xinjing Industrial Co., Ltd. to launch the brand integration ceiling. A combination of products, the most popular style of design advantages of the East and the essence of Chinese traditional culture, excellent quality, unique c

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