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              The new King brand metal ceiling series products, due to precision production, implementation of a day to decorate a thousand days to see the purpose of service, product innovation, not crafts, better than crafts, exquisite workmanship, high flatness, uniform color, indoor use, ten years unchanged Color, high-quality product brand, won many customers designated as the preferred decorative products, the products are exported to nearly 50 countries and regions in the world and the world.

              "Xinjing" and the logo are registered and owned by Foshan Xinjing Industry Co., Ltd. However, in the near future, the market has continuously found brands that use fake, fake, and invisible "Xinjing" ceilings as their brand name, misleading consumers with inferior products. To this end, in order to ensure the interests of consumers, Foshan Xinjing Industrial Co., Ltd. will, from December 30, 2002, spend a lot of money on anti-counterfeiting measures to implement anti-counterfeiting technology, in each new King product paste on the new King brand logo If consumers think that the product is in doubt, they can scrape off the new scene logo and there will be an 18-digit security code with no regularity. Just use the mobile phone to send information to enter its security code and send it to 800. The number -830-2315 or 15915813315 will be recovered within 3 seconds to identify genuine and counterfeit goods, thus effectively protecting the interests of consumers.

              The new King brand metal ceiling, in addition to the direct purchase of this Foshan City, New King Industrial Co., Ltd. and the new King Sky decorative materials factory, all the new King brand ceiling dealers, are authorized monopoly form, with my new King signed The monopoly power of attorney, each product, has a stamped and printed XIN JING logo, and it is printed with an ISO International Quality Assurance System certification logo. If you have any queries, you can inquire about the company and report the counterfeit New King product with a big prize.

              Internet address: www.china-ceiling.com or www.91tdgold.com E-mail: xj@china-xinjing.com

              Reports: 0757-86637600 Fax: 0757-86667401 Q Q: 139024136

              New Scene Anti-counterfeiting Marking Pattern


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